Pennsylvania Interventions

What is the Role of the Interventionist?

An intervention is an important part of getting help for a loved one who has substance abuse problem. Most people who have an issue with drugs or alcohol believe that they can deal with it on their own “when they are ready.”

Often, this is unrealistic. The longer the addiction is allowed to continue, the worst the problem becomes. The addict continues to use their drug of choice and they won’t voluntarily give it up, no matter how often they promise to get sober or seek help on their own.

Why Get Help from an Interventionist?

Families may seek out an interventionist when their efforts to find help for a loved one with a substance abuse problem fail. They may not know how to start a conversation about getting help or find that they have had the “same” conversation about getting help many times, but nothing changes in their addicted loved one’s life.

The addict may deny they have a problem or downplay the seriousness of the situation. They may claim that they can deal with the issue on their own, or say that they aren’t hurting anyone but themselves.

The truth is that this is a difficult situation for any family. Asking for a help from a professional interventionist makes good sense.

The Intervention Process

Part of the role of an interventionist in a Pennsylvania is to educate the family about addiction. They provide information about the disease and help prepare the family members for what to expect during the intervention.

The goal of the process is to encourage the addict to get help. It is supposed to be an organized process where family members and close friends share their concern about the situation with the addict. It’s not to be used as an opportunity to berate or shame the person who is addicted. Ideally, the intervention stays on track, even if the addicted family member is defensive.

If the addicted loved one agrees to go to treatment, the interventionist can escort them to the treatment facility immediately following the intervention.