Alcohol Intervention

With roughly 17 million people in America that display symptoms of an alcohol use disorder each year, there is definitely a very real need for alcohol interventions. Often people assume that someone needs to be severely addicted to alcohol to require intervention and a treatment program, but that just isn’t the case.

First of all, there are many different levels of alcohol use disorders, and they call can use a form of intervention to help change the behavior. Sometimes people are binge drinkers, where once a week or so they drink until they pass out and get themselves into trouble. Other times they might be daily drinkers who are trying to self-medicate and have become reliant upon alcohol to “get through the day.”

Whatever the level of alcohol use that is occurring, it is important to remember than interventions are done out of love and care, not punishment. We are stepping in to help save people we love and stop them from continuing to harm themselves and others around them.

Common problems associated with alcohol abuse include:

– Missing work or school
– Causing accidents at work or on the road
– Risky sexual behavior
– Assault
– Domestic violence
– Child neglect
– Liver or other organ damage
– Losing a job or home
– Other financial problems
– and more…