Illinois Interventions

There are times when an intervention may be needed for a family member or loved one in Illinois who is in a crisis situation. At that point, outside help is needed. Some intervention facilitators can provide specialized services in these instances, while others can offer help for more than one type of crisis.

Substance Abuse Intervention in Illinois

Often alcoholics and drug addicts need crisis intervention services because they have difficulty admitting that they have a problem. This is true for people with substance abuse problems in Illinois, just as it is in every other part of the country. Denial is part of the disease of addiction, and the person affected by it has difficulty comprehending how their behavior effects other people around them.

An Illinois intervention held for the purpose of getting an addict into treatment has the potential to save that person’s life. It also has a positive impact on the entire family. The goal of an intervention for substance abuse is to get the person to admit that they need help and get them to go to a treatment center.

Working with a professional interventionist is the most effective way to increase the likelihood of success in a situation like this in Illinois. A professional can help to guide the family through the process to keep the event on track.

Co-Occurring Disorders

When someone with a substance abuse problem also has one or more additional mental disorders, the need for intervening can often be more apparent. Sometimes the person may be experiencing a crisis involving severe depression, anxiety or mania, and it is important to act quickly. Often someone who has mental health issues may be self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to treat their symptoms.

An intervention can be held to deal with the situation and persuade a loved one to seek help. Family members and other loved ones are no doubt emotionally invested in the situation and would welcome some relief from the stress of this type of dual diagnosis.

How Many People in Illinois Need Intervention?

Illinois has an overall lower percentage of alcohol and drug abusers receiving the help they need. In fact, recent statistics show that just 5% of people in Illinois who are dependent on or abuse alcohol get any form of treatment, while nearly 12% of those who abuse or are dependent on drugs get help. This means that there are hundreds of thousands of people each year who could benefit from one form of intervention or another.

If you have a loved one in Illinois battling a substance abuse problem, contact us today to find out more about successful interventions and treatment programs.