New York Interventions

The decision to work with a New York interventionist is not one you and your family will take lightly. In most instances, it is made after a number of years of dealing with a loved one who has a substance abuse issue. People who are living with an addiction may be in denial about whether they have a problem or about the seriousness of it.

Holding an intervention brings the seriousness of the issue to the foreground. It helps the person with the substance abuse issue understand there is a connection between their use of drugs or alcohol and the difficulties they are having in life. The goal of having an intervention is to give the addict the opportunity to seek help and make positive changes in their life.

When to Get Help from a New York Interventionist

Some families may try to hold a New York intervention on their own. For the best chance of success, having a professional involved will increase the likelihood of your loved one accepting the help being offered.

A good part of the process involves helping and educating the family about addiction. This is unfamiliar territory for most people involved in the process. No one ever anticipates they will ever have to deal with a loved one who has a substance abuse problem.

A New York interventionist can also help you and your family in the following situations:

• Your loved one is or may be taking more than one substance.
• They have a history of mental illness along with addiction.
• Your loved one has a history of self-harming behaviors.
• They have been talking about suicide or attempted to take their own life in the past.
• Your loved one has a history of violence.

If you have concerns that your loved one may become self-destructive at any point during the process, you would be well advised to work with a professional when contemplating a New York intervention.