Louisiana Drug Interventions

Working Together for Louisiana Drug and Alcohol Interventions

Many families have a difficult time dealing with a loved one who has an issue with substance abuse. The person who is abusing substances or has become addicted to them will likely be in denial that they even have a problem. The family may want to consider bringing the matter to a head by scheduling a Louisiana drug and alcohol intervention.

Why Denial is So Difficult to Break Through with Addiction

Denial is a powerful defence mechanism on the part of an addicted person. They don’t see the damage their use of chemicals does to themselves and those around them. Instead, they will make one or more of the following arguments (and believe them in their own mind):

• I’m in control of my drug/alcohol use.
• I can stop my drug or alcohol use any time I decide to.
• I don’t have a problem with drugs or alcohol; the people around me have a problem with it.
• I don’t need treatment to stop using my drug of choice.

Family Needs to Present a United Front

When faced with someone with this mindset, the family needs to be prepared to present a united front. Everyone needs to be on board with the idea that the family cannot enable the addict by allowing them to continue being comfortable in their lifestyle. If even one person in the family allows the addict to continue to drink or use drugs without experiencing the consequences of that decision, the addict has no reason to stop their behavior.

Louisiana Drug and Alcohol Interventions Help Addicts Get Treatment

When a family decides to hold an intervention, they are making a statement that they are deciding to make a change in their relationship with their addicted loved one. Up to that point, the family may have been waiting for the addict to hit “rock bottom.” They may have thought that, “if only” a certain life event (job loss, finding the right job/relationship, losing their home, breakup of their own family),would happen to them, then they would make a decision to seek help.

This choice usually doesn’t work and only gives the addiction time to become more entrenched. Through the process of holding a Louisiana drug and alcohol intervention, the family tells their addicted loved one that they will no longer enable the addict. The family is taking their life back.

The addict always has a choice about whether to go into treatment. However, the family will no longer be providing financial and emotional support if they choose to continue to drink or use drugs. In most instances, an addicted person decides to get treatment on the day of the intervention.

If they don’t choose to accept help right away, they will make the decision in the days or weeks following the Louisiana drug and alcohol intervention. As long as the family puts up a united front, an addicted person has a much better chance of choosing to get sober.