Maine Drug Interventions

Is it Ever too Late to Hold a Maine Drug and Alcohol Intervention?

If you are concerned about a loved one who has been abusing drugs or alcohol for several years, you may be wondering if it’s too late for them to get help. The truth of the matter is that there is never a point where someone is so far gone that they are beyond help. A Maine drug and alcohol intervention is an opportunity to show your loved one that going to rehab offers hope for a substance-free life.

Long-Term Addicts Have Special Challenges in Getting Sober

When trying to talk to someone who has been using chemicals for several years, it will be challenging to convince them that they can manage in life without their drug of choice. This behavior is deep-seated, but that doesn’t mean that your addicted loved one can’t remember a time when they weren’t dependent on drugs or alcohol to get through their day.

Maine Drug and Alcohol Intervention for Long-term Addicts Different

If you are considering holding an intervention for someone who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol for several years, you and the interventionist you are working with will need to take a different approach. This is not the same scenario as working with someone who may have recently started using chemicals and may not understand that they have an addiction. Your loved one is fully aware that they are an addict.

With the help of your interventionist, you and your family can:

• Focus on talking about times your loved one enjoyed before drugs and alcohol entered their life.
• Point out all he problems chemicals have caused since they started using.
• Talk about all the positive things that could happen if drugs and alcohol were out of your loved one’s life.
• Remind them about goals they have mentioned or would like to achieve. Tell your loved one that they can reach these goals if they go to treatment for their addiction.

These types of statements can be used to motivate your loved one to go to treatment and make a positive change in their life. Someone who has been living with addiction for a long time can see that there is a future for them without the influence of drugs or alcohol. With the help of a Maine drug and alcohol intervention leading to professional treatment, it can become a reality.