Missouri Interventions

Millions of people in the US live with the symptoms of a drug or alcohol use disorder. This means there is a real need to step in and perform an intervention to keep them from further harming themselves and others. Many people assume that someone needs to have a severe addiction problem or needs to hit “rock bottom” before an intervention can be scheduled, but this is not true.

Substance Abuse in Missouri

Not all people in Missouri who have difficulty with drug or alcohol use have the same characteristics. There are varying levels of use, such as those who drink or use drugs every day. They may start their regular routine by taking a drink or getting high and need to continue using as a means to get through their day. Other people are binge users and drinkers, and tend to go on “benders” or “runs” where they engage in heavy drinking or drug use for several days before crashing.

All interventions in Missouri for drug or alcohol abuse are performed with the same intent, no matter what type of user is involved. They are done out of a spirit of love and caring; the intent is never to punish the person with the substance abuse problem.

Family members and friends are stepping in to help the person they love. Once an addiction takes hold, the person affected by it no longer has much control over whether they are going to drink or use drugs. The addiction has them firmly in its grasp. At that point, there are a number of problems that the addicted person may experience, including:

• Absenteeism at work or school
• Motor vehicle accidents
• Work-related accidents
• Financial difficulties
• Losing a job or a home
• Domestic violence
• Neglect of children
• Assault
• Health issues like liver, heart or lung damage

When to Use an Interventionist

The best time to schedule an intervention is as soon as the family knows that a loved one has developed a problem. Waiting only allows the addiction to worsen.

A professional interventionist can guide a family through the process in Missouri. They can ensure that the discussion on the intervention day stays on track and focused on getting the person who is abusing alcohol the help they need.